Arts Commission Presentation

Positive response to our performance for the San Jose Arts Commission at City Hall!

“San Jose Youth Shakespeare did some excerpts from various Shakespeare plays for our Arts Commission meeting. I was truly moved by their performances.” – Ramona Snyder, Sept 21 2015

These young thespians were amazing! I was very impressed by their performance and presentation and the high calibre of acting that each of these young actors demonstrated is testament to the commitment and dedication of the San Jose Youth Shakespeare Company.” – Ron P. Muriera, Sept 22 2015

Yelp Reviews


Joanna M.
April 2, 2014

“San Jose Youth Shakespeare clearly understands Shakespeare. They are a passionate and extremely well directed troupe and their performances are well staged and articulate. We have attended Romeo and Juliet as well as The Merchant of Venice and look forward to seeing The Tempest this April.”

Roseanne S.
San Jose
April 2, 2014

“I’m hooked on productions by the San Jose Youth Shakespeare company. The young actors really get Shakespeare, and what the audience gets is a rollicking good time. None of that old-fashioned “I’m a hoity toity Shakespearan actor” pretentiousness. I’ve attended about six of the shows, and I’m always eagerly waiting for the next one. I enjoyed their productions better than any Shakespearean plays I’ve seen elsewhere, and as a Shakespeare lover, I’ve seen a lot!”

Message from the cast

Thank you to everyone who came out to support these young actors, who put their amazing hearts, spirits, and energy into each production!

Thank you to director Bob Rumsby, to Barbara, and Audrey Rumsby for all that they do, to combat choreographers Chris Langland and John Heberling, and to all the families for the tremendous work they do.

Very special thank you to our sponsors:

Whole Foods Blossom Hill
Los Gatos Pizza
Vivace Youth Chorus of San Jose
Top Nosh Cafe
Barefoot Coffee
California Fencing Academy
Kool Kids Couture
Links Through Learning
Lisa’s Tea Treasures
Noah’s Bagels, Willow Glen
San Jose Department of Parks and Recreation

We greatly appreciate your support!


A Successful Run

Congratulations to the troupe for maintaining energy through six performances over five days, each show lasting three and a half hours!

Thanks to attendees, families, and sponsors!

Honors to Bob Rumsby for investing himself and inspiring great performances.


Final Performance Today!

Today’s final performance is Sold Out online. We do make room for a baker’s dozen of at-the-door ticket sales. I hope you are at the door now to get your place (2:15pm for the 3:00pm show)!

Thank you for your support. This has been an excellent production work by our youth, the Director (Bob Rumsby), the Combat Choreographer and Lighting lead (Chris Langland), costumers, hair and make-up, all the family support. Tremendous amount of time and devotion.