A Christmas Carol

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About the Play by Bob Rumsby

During a long career as a novelist, Charles Dickens also ran a theatre company and once performed for Queen Victoria. He was an actor and a playwright. He performed in a traveling one-man Christmas Carol using his own script. The Youth Shakespeare adaptation preserves almost every word of Dickens’ original dialogue and some of the original narration is interspersed with the action.

Some of the movie versions of A Christmas Carol fail to capture the mood of the original story, but the 1951 film is very good, and our cast members are always encouraged to watch it. Alastair Sim’s performance succeeds partly because you can detect Scrooge’s soft center early on, and his epiphany is something that seems to come naturally. Sim has so much fun in the final scenes that his Christmas spirit is infectious.

A Christmas Carol 2016 by Jeff LukancThe story’s Christian moral center, along with its irresistible characters, makes A Christmas Carolcompelling on the stage as well as on the screen. There seems to be a strong resemblance in the dramatic threads of Shakespeare’s plays and Dickens’ novels and stories. For example, consider how well both writers dramatize the appearance of ghosts and how their plots turn on the difficult moral and spiritual journeys of the leading characters. Like Shakespeare’s tragic heroes, Dickens’ characters learn the lessons of life the hard way (but do not come to such tragic ends).

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