Weekly Work on The Tempest

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Date(s) - Mar 22, 2014
11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Houge Park Studio


Here is the schedule for Saturday, March 22nd, 11 am to 4 pm:

11 am: Act 3, Scene 1
12 noon: Act 2, Scene 1
1:30 pm: Break
Also at 1:30 pm: Diction and lines work for:
Natania, Ava, Rosie
Tom, Ry, Abhi
Jimmy, Galen, Dominic, Luke
2 pm: Act 4, Scene 1, pages 62-66 and 68-71 (Ziad as Prospero)
3 pm: Shipwreck scene from Act 1, starting from page 13

Please note: I am making a new cut from the top of page 70:
Cut from Stephano: “Be you quiet, monster….” as far as Caliban: “I will have none on’t.”
Caliban’s speech on the bottom of page 69 will continue:
“Make us strange stuff. We shall lose our time
And all be turned….”

Regular meetings and rehearsals will continue every Saturday through January, February, March, and April. Performances of The Tempest will occur during the week of April 21st to 27th.

PROSPERO: Andrew Strauss
MIRANDA: Grace Piazza
FERDINAND: Paul Torreano
CALIBAN: Jimmy Florek and Galen Bonwick
TRINCULO: Abhi Wadekar
STEPHANOs: Ry Bevington and Tom Hogan
ALONSO: Ellie Cattaneo
SEBASTIAN: Gavin Lukanc
ANTONIO: Marshall Woodmansee
GONZALO: John Michael Hey
ADRIAN: Sharon Macauley
FRANCISCO: Kerry Pressley
MASTER OF SHIP: Luke Cattaneo
BOATSWAIN: Dominic Zeitz

Naomi Smith, Emma Piazza, Evelyn Rumsby, Bianca Romero, Nina Cattaneo, Maya Khayat, Anais Fernandez

Jennifer Hoffman, Natania Bevington, Rosie Romero, Ava Piazza, Giorgio Piazza, Henry Macauley

Prospero’s Magician will take some of Prospero’s lines.
The two Stephanos will divide the lines equally, and we will come up with a different name for the second Stephano.
Adrian and Francisco will inherit some lines from the Alonso/Sebastian/Antonio/Gonzalo group.
The “other spirits and sailors” will be used in a few different scenes.
The parts of Juno, Iris, and Ceres will be taken by some of the Ariels and/or other spirits.
Emma, Evelyn, and Bianca will work together on the Ariel songs (and some of the other Ariels and spirits may be asked to sing as well).
When Mary gets back in March, we will figure out where/how to involve her in the show 🙂 We will be using several of your ideas from the workshop scenes, starting with the two-headed Caliban 🙂

There will be some cuts, so don’t start learning lines just yet. Scripts will be available for $7 each tomorrow and at subsequent rehearsals.

Sharon will start.
Mary Florek will finish.

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