Sharon away – USC for WVC Choir

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Date(s) - Feb 24, 2017
All Day


On: Jan 30, 2017 @ 8:10 PM

• Your Name: Sharon Macauley
• E-Mail:
• Action: Unavailable
• Starting Date: 02/23/17
• Ending Date: 02/26/17
• Describe your absence plan: I need to attend a concert/trip thing for Choir, so I will be unable to attend the Sat rehearsal (and if there’s anything on Sun, I’ll miss that too). I cannot skip this. I didn’t know about it until today as classes at West Valley had not started yet. I wish I could opt out, but I must attend as I will already be missing one of the choir performances bc of the play (One of the concerts is on the 18th), so I need to go on the trip in order to be “square” with the teacher and not have to drop the class. Sorry that I couldn’t get you this info sooner! I really hope this doesn’t cause you problems. Thanks

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