Limited Availability – Ry Bevington – July 28th – July 31st. – Camping, but can come with advance notice.

Map Unavailable

Date(s) - Jul 28, 2013
All Day


• Your Name: Ry Bevington
• E-Mail:
• Action: Limited Availability
• Starting Date: 07/28/13
• Ending Date: 07/31/13
• Describe your absence plan: Ry will be camping on the Peninsula – same campout as Andrew. Ken or Felicia can bring Ry and/or Andrew to rehearsals as needed, and then return to the camp. There is no cell reception there, so if you know ahead of time which days Ry isn’t needed, that would be great to know. But not essential – it is a short drive to be able to call home to get updates.

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