First full rehearsal: Merchant of Venice (MoV)

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Date(s) - Jun 18, 2013
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Houge Park Studio


“We will start real rehearsals next week, probably on Tuesday evening. Please let me know if Tuesdays and Thursdays are difficult for you. You can check email on Sunday for more details about next week’s rehearsals….”

Hi all,
We will rehearse tomorrow from 6:30 to 9:30. Several people are unavailable, so we will not start at the beginning. None of the ensemble actors are needed tomorrow, but Bianca may want to come by to get a script. Everyone, please let Sharon know as soon as possible if you have any conflicts this Thursday or Saturday. For now, there are no casting changes (Ziad remains as Old Gobbo, Antoinette as Tubal).

6:30: Act 2, Scenes 3 and 5 (Jessica, Launcelot, Shylock)
7:30: Act 3, Scene 1 from page 74 (Shylock, Tubal)
8:00: Act 2, Scene 2

We will not worry about “Leonardo” and the other “followers” mentioned on page 41 just yet; these parts will be played by boys in the ensemble, but we will add them in later.

Merchant of Venice Cast
Duke: Cassie Gallo
Prince of Morocco: Richa Wadekar
Prince of Aragon: Jimmy Florek
Antonio: Audrey Rumsby
Bassanio: Patrick Shapiro
Gratiano: Andrew Strauss
Salerio: Jeannette Richard
Solanio: Apurva Tandon
Lorenzo: Jad Kurdi
Shylock: Nathan Sandoval
Tubal: Antoinette Shapiro
Launcelot Gobbo: Caecilia Shapiro
Old Gobbo: Ziad Khayat
Portia: Carmel Richard
Nerissa: Evelyn Rumsby
Jessica: Sophia Woodmansee

(Servants, Messengers, Attendants, Singers, etc.)
Maya Khayat, Kerry Pressley, Anais Fernandez, Bianca Romero
Gavin Lukanc, Ry Bevington, Marshall Woodmansee, Galen Bonwick

Stage manager: Sharon Macauley
Assistant Stage Managers: Jeanette Rumsby, Mary Florek, Naomi Smith

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