Community Involvement


HIcklebee's PerformanceAfter weeks of rehearsal, getting out of the studio and into the community feels great!  No more darkened theater, but cast and audience face to face in the cozy, friendly setting that is Hicklebee’s bookstore, sharing Shakespeare of an afternoon.  Costumes may not be complete yet, and of course scenery is out of the question, but the play’s the thing!  Selected scenes, interspersed with edifying commentary by the director, are presented for the enjoyment of one and all.  The informal atmosphere makes this a great way for younger kids to get a feeling for the play, even if they may not be ready to sit through an entire production.

Silicon Valley Gives | 2014

Silicon Valley Gives event

San Jose Renaissance Faire

At the Renaisance FaireSan Jose Youth Shakespeare at the San Jose Renaissance Faire – a match made in heaven.  The Faire was held shortly before our production of Macbeth, giving our performers the chance to draw swords, duel, and die dramatically along with the best of them.  Performing on one of three outdoor stages, the witches were on hand to add their spooky touch, and we even brought along musicians to set the mood with lute duets performed on guitar.  As they wandered the Faire after performing, several of our actors encountered the Bard himself at Elizabeth’s court!  What could have been more appropriate than their impromptu reading of scenes from A Midsummer Night’s Dream under his guidance?   Here’s hoping this becomes a yearly tradition for our company.