May 6 Day Of Giving – Hours

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Support San Jose Youth Shakespeare.

Here are optimal donation matching times for the event on May 6th

All day and just for Youth Shakespeare:
Links Through Learning – matching grant up to $1,000

Two-to-one dollar matching:
12:00 a.m. – SVCF to $50,000 (Does not apply to donations scheduled prior to the Giving Day!)

One-to-one dollar matching and other one-hour prizes:
7:00 a.m. – Knight Foundation to $35,000
8:00 a.m. – Bernard A. Newcomb Foundation to $15,000
12:00 p.m. – David and Lucile Packard Foundation to $50,000
5:00 p.m. – $1,000 Golden Ticket** added to first 50 gifts
6:00 p.m. – The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation up to $50,000
7:00 p.m – Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation to $50,000

Any-hour matching and gifts:
Links Through Learning – matching grant up to $1,000
PayPal – 1% match to each donation paid with PayPal up to $50,000
SVCF Employees – $150 Golden Ticket** to one random donation each hour
Shackleton Family Fund – $2,500 added to the 408th and 650th donations of the day
Sobrado Family Foundation – $2,000 prize for the nonprofit receiving most individual gifts in an hour, all day

** An organization can receive only one golden ticket per match.

Donations through credit card or PayPal will show “Razoo Foundation” on your statement. The Razoo Foundation retains a processing fee of 4.9%** for all donations.

San Jose Youth Shakespeare can always receive donations by check or via PayPal sent funds to We also always accept donations by credit card at any time at our Support page .

The Event

Silicon Valley Community Foundation will host the first-ever day of giving to benefit every nonprofit organization in our region, an event aimed at inspiring and uniting our local community to support philanthropic causes.

On Tuesday, May 6, 2014, in celebration of the 100th anniversary of community foundations, SVCF will raise money for local nonprofits through a single online donation platform, providing a great way to connect donors to the charitable causes they care about most and encourage them to take action. This event will provide an opportunity for donors of all different capacities to be involved and will provide invaluable trainings to a broad range of nonprofit organizations.

One of the pillars of SVCF’s mission is to strengthen the common good locally. This 24-hour online fundraising effort will give the community foundation the opportunity to raise millions of dollars for thousands of nonprofits – and make a difference to people’s lives here in Santa Clara, San Mateo and San Benito counties.

This giving day is supported by Razoo, the world’s fastest-growing crowdfunding site for causes. Razoo is committed to creating a more generous world.

For print use, a QR code for linking to the event:
sjys svgive qr code

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The Tempest by Charles and Mary Lamb from “Tales from Shakespeare”

Below is a downloadable copy of Mary and Charles Lamb’s telling of The Tempest, from their their 1807 edition of “Tales from Shakespeare“. The download link is at the end.

It could be an excellent help for younger audience members coming to our production of The Tempest next week. Tickets are still available!

The original book is beautifully illustrated and is a fine resource for future explorations of Shakespeare’s works.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Yelp Reviews


Joanna M.
April 2, 2014

“San Jose Youth Shakespeare clearly understands Shakespeare. They are a passionate and extremely well directed troupe and their performances are well staged and articulate. We have attended Romeo and Juliet as well as The Merchant of Venice and look forward to seeing The Tempest this April.”

Roseanne S.
San Jose
April 2, 2014

“I’m hooked on productions by the San Jose Youth Shakespeare company. The young actors really get Shakespeare, and what the audience gets is a rollicking good time. None of that old-fashioned “I’m a hoity toity Shakespearan actor” pretentiousness. I’ve attended about six of the shows, and I’m always eagerly waiting for the next one. I enjoyed their productions better than any Shakespearean plays I’ve seen elsewhere, and as a Shakespeare lover, I’ve seen a lot!”