Here’s a wonderful review of Macbeth!

Dear Players:

My daughter and I attended the opening of Macbeth on August 9th and were overwhelmed by the quality of acting in all players, but
especially in the principal characters. Attending the performance
with us was a mother and daughter, long-time supporters of
Shakespeare Santa Cruz and well- versed in all the plays. They too were astounded at how the players made clear even the more subtle aspects of the play in their clear delivery of their lines.
More important, and more difficult to achieve, was the clear delivery of the emotional content of the play, from the tear-provoking mad scene by Lady Macbeth and Macbeth’s climb onto the table to face Banquo’s ghost, to the brilliant but brief appearances of the Porter, Lady MacDuff and her children, down to the messenger who fears to report the movement of Birnam Wood.

In addition to the fine work on stage, the house was well managed and ran smoothly, especially for an opening night. The costuming and makeup (my daughter especially admired the witches) was lovely. The music was tasteful and beautifully performed.

May I add that we were equally impressed with Twelfth Night. You all have my respect and admiration. You are truly professionals.

– Kelly Clawson