Collaboration with Quo Vadis Theatre for Margaret of Castello

San Jose Youth Shakespeare collaborated with the Quo Vadis Theatre Company for the October 2009 production of Margaret of Castello. The production was directed by Bob Rumsby and featured several of Youth Shakespeare’s actors.

August 10, 2009 – San Jose, CA — The Quo Vadis Theatre Company will present the production of Margaret of Castello at The Historic Hoover Theatre in San Jose. The production is written by Cathal Gallagher, directed by Bob Rumsby, and is produced in conjunction with San Jose Youth Shakespeare. Performances will be held October 8 through the 18.

“Margaret’s story is rich with irony, humor, passion and includes a profound acceptance of humanity, no matter physical condition or status,” states Cathal Gallagher, playwright for the Quo Vadis Theatre. “This was a story I felt had to be told.”

The play follows the inspirational yet short life of Margaret of Castello, who was born blind and disfigured in 1287. From a wealthy Florentine family, Margaret was isolated in a cell during most of her childhood. At the age of twenty she was abandoned at a shrine in Umbria, Italy. When street beggars took her in, Margaret found her way to a convent and became an inspiration to those around her, visiting prisoners and helping the sick and dying. After her death at the age of only 33, Margaret was made a patron saint for the unwanted and abandoned.

“This is an opportunity for some of our young actors and actresses to work on a modern play with a classic theme. They will find a new kind of challenge in telling this touching story of a heroic young girl who helped others despite her own disabilities and great suffering.”
– Bob Rumsby, Artistic Directory of San Jose Youth Shakespeare

The cast:

Becca Ines Ayano Grzymala
Lucita Sinohui Carmine DePaulo
Caecilia Shapiro Danny Florek
Andrea Goeke John Torreano
Marie Ballentine Steve Corelis
Jennie D’Ascoli Sarah Devlin
Anne Devlin Evelyn Rumsby
Nathan Sandoval G.C. Davis

Becca Ines as Margaret and Sarah Devlin as Checcha Macreti:

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